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Thomas Kinkade Painter Of Beauty

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Thomas Kinkade Painter Of Beauty

Post  Cierlmeyrin on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:41 pm

Many of Thomas Kinkade's beautiful Oil Paintings for sale are depicted and contain many chapter-and-verse- allusions taken directly from Bible passages. Born in Sacramento California on January 19, 1958 Thomas graduated from High School in 1976 and began to attend University of California Berkeley and the Art Center of Design in Pasadena. Famous Paintings Inspired and mentored by the famous Glen Wessels and Charles Bell, Thomas Kinkade continued on his journey and proceeded to travel with his college friend Jim Gurney traveling across the United States and ending there journey in 1980 securing a contract with Guptil publications to create and produce a sketching handbook. Children Paintings In 1982 him and his long time college friend Jim Gurney produced there first sketching handbook which was entitled, "Artist's Guide to Sketching." Flower Paintings The success of this book landed both he and Jim Gurney at Ralph Bashki studios creating background art for the 1983 animated movie called, " Fire and Ice". Boats Paintings After the animated film Thomas Kinkade began to earn a living as a painter selling original artwork throughout California.


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