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Designs for Blissful Seed

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Designs for Blissful Seed

Post  Admin on Mon May 25, 2009 4:29 pm

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Blissful Seed!

We are welcoming you with open arms as I post my first question on this thread.

What do you think of the Blissful Seed designs? Please do not hesitate to give your opinion. We just launched last Sunday and it's been a bit hectic but I didn't want to leave this important part of the website. Cool

What did you think of the wind turbine?

What did you think of the butterfly eclipse design?

What about the logo? Yes, we would like your feedback on this! Would you wear it and why? Are you a female/male?

What about that bamboo design?

Feel free to upload your own designs please!

study study Thanks!


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