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Beautiful lighthouse by Thomas Kinkade

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Beautiful lighthouse by Thomas Kinkade

Post  Cierlmeyrin on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:40 pm

Thomas Kinkade has used his Building Paintings of lighthouse images to offer a large variety of compelling products for many of his fans to enjoy. Light of Peace is a well known, popular lighthouse from Thomas Kinkade, Oil Paintings for sale and it speaks of hope, shown by the beacon in the lighthouse shining and the sun breaking through the clouds in the midst of crashing waves against the rock shoreline. Famous Paintings Beacon of Hope is a lighthouse done a little differently by Thomas Kinkade than the rest shown here, and it looks great. The major difference, if you caught it, is the low level of land it's on; Children Paintings it's almost like it's in the middle of the action. The final lighthouse painting Sea of Tranquility Lighthouse from Thomas Kinkade I've included here is really great, and it's funny in that the sea is calm and the lighthouse is truly in the midst of a sea of tranquility, Flower Paintings seeming to rest from its work with the calm waters. The sun at the horizon is magnificently done.


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