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Beautiful paintings for those of us who love art

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Beautiful paintings for those of us who love art

Post  Cierlmeyrin on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:41 pm

Pablo Picasso Flower Paintings are well known from his Blue Period but he also had a Rose Period beforehand, which I much prefer. It was at the end of this period (almost immediately prior to the blue period) that he painted his early little known work ‘Fleurs’. Boats Paintings Flowers was the first Picasso work bought by the Tate Gallery via funding from art lovers to help museums and galleries buy important works of art. Picasso later founded and had a big influence on Cubism.
People Paintings Paris bornClaude Monet painted ‘The Poppy Field’ over 100 years ago but it is just as amazing now as it must have been in reality then. Building Paintings The fields outside Argenteuil were covered in wildflowers and he somehow managed to capture this wildness with the bright ‘poppy red’ color delicately applied giving the appearance of poppies swaying in the breeze. Oil Paintings for sale With the profuseness of red dots set against lovely green of the meadow this is truly a stunning painting. Monet also painted ‘Waterlilies’ which can be viewed with other works of his at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.


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