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Different people paintings

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Different people paintings

Post  Cierlmeyrin on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:40 pm

In the People Painting Mother's Devotion by Johann Meyer von Bremen, Meyer von Bremen was a famous artist known to people in Europe and America. This is a good example of his work shown in a setting of a peasant cottage. Building Paintings The peasant mother looks lovingly at her child as she sleeps. Mother has been making something with yarn for her little one to wear, but she has put it aside to gaze at her sleeping child. The writer says that the mother's love "transforms the cottage into a temple and the cradle into a shrine". Oil Paintings for sale Observe the simple furnishings in the room. The chair appears to be hand-carved, and the stool and table seem to have a rather rough finish.
In the Blind Man's Buff by Auguste Joseph Trupheme, This scene represents a playroom in the basement of a children's school. Famous Paintings We know it is a basement because we see the descending stairs and the windows that are high above the level of the floor. The girls are playing an old-fashioned game called Blind Man's Buff . Everyone is watching as the bandage is placed around the eyes of the girl who is IT. Children Paintings They may turn her around and around, and then she must try to touch someone and identify the person she has touched. If she is correct, then that person must be IT on the next turn. The baby on the left is being held back so that she doesn't get in the way of the players in the game


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